About us

Our mission

Grain’s mission is to make great food sustainable and accessible for everyone.

Ever wondered why it’s so hard to find food that’s tasty as well as good for you?

One of the biggest challenges people face every day is deciding what to eat. Grain is creating a world where eating becomes effortless and enjoyable.

We are healthyish

Food that gives you energy to power through the day. Food that makes you feel good.

  • Quality ingredients tended to with love and care by leading chefs.
  • Exciting flavours and new dishes to look forward to on our weekly menu.
  • Nutritional info for every dish so you know exactly what you’re getting.

Our chefs take inspiration from ingredients around the world and find the perfect pairings. You might see a Middle Eastern grain with a Japanese green. Or a reimagined version of a local favourite. Mixing and matching flavours and textures is what we’re all about.

Our leaders

Aboutus sung

Yong Yi Sung

Chief Executive Officer

Aboutus shawn

Shawn Liam

Chief Product Officer

Aboutus ernie

Ernest Sim

Chief Technology Officer

Aboutus teren

Teren Perera

VP, Operations

Aboutus raymond

Raymond Koh

Executive Chef, Food

Aboutus ena

Ena Lee

VP, Sales

Aboutus jona

Jona Smulders Cohen

VP, Growth

Aboutus rohini

Rohini Bajekal

VP, Marketing

Our investors

Grain is proudly supported by these amazing folks.

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Our independent investors include: Koh Boon Hwee, Wee Teng Wen and Lim Ho Kee.