Grain for Business

We make it easy for you to feed your office delicious food. Meetings, team lunches, workshops, events, parties. We’ve got you all covered.

Delicious and healthy food from just $10 nett
Halal certified
Variety of options - Asian, Western, Vegetarian, etc.
Fast service and short lead time
Credit terms available

“We love Grain because it's not just food for the body but food for the soul without ever compromising on flavours.”
- Jaspal Kaur, Office Coordinator, Uber

Need food for your office?

Fill up the form below to get started or talk to someone friendly at +65 3163 5336. We usually get back to you within the hour during business hours.

Chinese New Year Buffet

Chinese New Year is just around the corner. We crafted a new buffet menu that is expected to bring you fortune and prosperity. Check it out and place your order today.

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We have fed thousands of happy customers, mostly from forward-thinking places.

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