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Enjoy free deliveries, discounted Grain credits
and exclusive offers from us.
Eating well just got even easier.

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Free deliveries

Enjoy free delivery on every order.

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Discounted Grain credits

Enjoy savings up to 25% on our food.

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Exclusive offers from us

Get access to special offers from our upcoming partnerships.

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Free deliveries*

$12.95/ month

Try Lite FREE for 14 days^
*Minimum order surcharge still applies.
^Only for new subscribers.
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Free deliveries*

Includes $60 credits
(worth 4‑6 meals)

Save 18%


$59.95/ month

Get Mid
*Minimum order surcharge still applies.
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Free deliveries*

Includes $120 credits
(worth 8‑12 meals)

Save 25%


$99.95/ month

Get Premium
*Minimum order surcharge still applies.

Got questions?

How do I order food with the Grain credits in my Grain Up plan?

Simply order your meals via our website or app and your total order amount will be automatically deducted from your credits.

How do I switch plans?

You can switch plans in your Grain Up account management page. Upgrades will reflect immediately so you can enjoy your new Grain credits straight away. Downgrades will take into effect at the start of your next billing cycle.

What happens to my Grain credits when I switch plans?

Don't worry. Any unused Grain credits will be carried over to your new plan.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time in your Grain Up account management page. Features of the plan will only be applicable until the last day of the billing cycle. Any remaining Grain credits can still be used for orders.

What happens to my Grain credits at the end of the month?

Any unused Grain credits will be carried over to the next month.

Can I top up if I've used up all my Grain credits?

Of course, you can top up Grain credits in your Grain Up account management page.

Will the minimum order surcharge still apply?

Yes, it still applies. The minimum order surcharge ranges from $0 to $4.50 depending on your location. Key in your location and add an item into your cart, the minimum order surcharge will appear in your cart.

A tip to avoid the surcharge: Grab a friend, place your order together and bond over lunch.

Does my Grain Up plan start once I’ve made payment?

Yes, once you’ve paid for your Grain Up plan, you’ll get unlimited free delivery and Grain credits immediately.

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Eat better with Grain Up

Save more on tasty and healthyish food.

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